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ACDC Live: Rockband Xbox 360 - Preowned

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Game Description

AC/DC Live: Rockband

18 Classic AC/DC Hits - AC/DC like youve never heard them before with access to 18 tracks from one of the bands legendary 1991 live performances
Export Tracks - Export all 18 tracks for play with Rock Band and Rock Band 2 games including World Tour mode and Battle of the Bands Challenges (Available for Xbox 360 and PS3 versions only)
Full Rock Band Modes - Hours of play with Tour Quickplay Head to Head Practice and Tutorial modes
Rock it Alone or in a Band- Master AC/DCs greatest hits with up to four people on vocals guitar bass and drums
Drumming in the spotlight Showcase a real drum solo with Rock Bands freestyle drum fill windows featured in each song.

Break out your own rhythm and style as anything goes.

SKU: superlisting14508 Categories: ,

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