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2006 FIFA World Cup (Xbox) - Preowned

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Game Description

Platform:Xbox In a nutshell:The official game of the 2006 World Cup has all the stadiums, players and kits of the real thing, but the biggest surprise is that it actually improves upon the usual FIFA gameplay too.

So if England does not win in real life, you can at least make sure they do in the virtual world.The lowdown:. In previous years, FIFA Word Cup games have meant little more than a cut down version of the existing FIFA game, however this version features not just the 32 teams from the finals but the chance to play as any of the other 95 countries from the qualifying rounds. Theres even the option to replay historic World Cups although only a handful of older players are included. In terms of gameplay things have been noticeably speeded up and theres even an alternative control system that exactly mimics rival Pro Evolution Soccer. PES fans will still be suspicious but this really is the best FIFA yet.Most exciting moment:Reliving the glory of 1966 with the current England team and then going on to do the same thing in this years Cup as wellSince you ask:Many of the England team, including Wayne Rooney, claim to be video games fans and many have mentioned playing the FIFA games between real matches.The bottom line:A genuine improvement on FIFA 06 with the usual top notch EA presentation.Harrison Dent.

SKU: superlisting19256 Categories: , ,

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