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Where The Wild Things Are (Nintendo Wii)

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Game Description

Inspired by the highly-anticipated Warner Bros.

theatrical release based on the best-selling children's book by Maurice Sendak Where the Wild Things Are lets players take on the role of Max as he journeys across the land of the Wild Things which is on the brink of destruction. Max must join forces with the Wilds Things to find a way to escape to safety before it's too late. Where the Wild Things Are is a fun-filled adventure that takes players on a journey through the mysterious island of the Wild Things. Players assume the role of Max "King of All Wild Things" as they team up with the fearsome but loveable creatures. While journeying across their island players learn amazing new skills and abilities.

Solve action puzzles overcome challenging obstacles and play through a unique story narrative to uncover the mystery behind the hostile island and save the Wild Things before it's too late. At any time during the game players have the opportunity to explore the Wild Things' Village and play through a variety of minigames interact with the creatures and let their imaginations run wild. Where the Wild Things Are takes players on a unique and exciting journey beyond the movie and brings to life one of the most beloved picture books of all-time. Rule the Island: Play as the mischievous Max become "King of All Wild Things" and join The Wild Things in their quest to find a way to safety before it's too late. Frolic in the Wild Things' Village: Explore the Wild Things' Village to meet all of the different creatures play through minigames and acquire power-ups from each character.

Make 'Wild' Friends: Befriend and team-up with these fearsome but loveable mythical creatures - discover their unique personalities and learn new skills and abilities from them. Discover the Undiscovered: Run jump climb glide fly and swing your.

SKU: superlisting1225 Categories: ,

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5 reviews for Where The Wild Things Are (Nintendo Wii)

  1. eva nguyen

    game is good. thanks.

  2. margaret morris

    very happy. really enjoyed it.

  3. Rudy Page

    Unbelievably good. Best game ever.

  4. Anonymous

    Awesome game.

  5. jonathan jones

    one of the best games I have ever played.

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