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Velvet Assassin (Xbox 360)

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Game Description

As World War II wages outside of a lonely hospital window it also plays inside of the mind of Violette Summer.

While in a coma the British Intelligence agent relives both the hushed and heavy horrors that she experienced while sabotaging the Nazi regime. Inspired by real-life WWII heroine Violette Szabo Velvet Assassin reveals the revulsions of war that are never spoken aloud. Through third-person gameplay sneak up on enemies and pull the pins from their belted grenades. Infiltrate a Nazi camp and slip cyanide to your own men before Germans make them talk. Slink through the shadows to finish off your unsuspecting enemies with a single perfectly-aimed shot.

Through Violette's fever dreams experience what she experienced. Walk where she walked. And kill those that she killed. Brutal Assassinations And Sabotage Missions. Bring your enemies to a violent end that they'll never see coming.

For example lure your enemy by whistle to a puddle of gasoline right before you ignite it. Stylised Environments. Explore hyper-realistic dreamlike settings that are modeled on actual WWII locations with startling real-time lighting system. Unique And Realistic Gameplay Perspective. Experience the unimaginable horrors of stealthy off-battlefield warfare.

Discover letters and treasures left behind by German soldiers. Realistic 1940s Weapons. Use a variety of weapons and stealth gadgets that are true to WWII fighting. 12 Breathtaking Levels. Go on assassination missions try to survive Violette's nightmares and complete a rescue mission that is anything but life saving.

Adjustable Skills. By completing missions change Violette's attributes to suit your playing style whether it be more stealth or strength..

SKU: superlisting1742 Categories: ,

3 reviews for Velvet Assassin (Xbox 360)

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Adam Norton

    A must have. Really enjoyed it.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    kim simon

    Highly addictive and recommended. buy it now.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Meghan gill

    Loving this game so far. a must have.

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