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Two Worlds (Xbox 360)

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Game Description

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was a vitally important release for the Xbox 360 in many ways.

Not only was it the first real evidence of genuine next generation gameplay as well as just graphics but it was also the first mass market hit for a Western style role-playing game in a very long time. It wasnt without its flaws though and Two Worlds is the first new game to take up the challenge of improving the basic concepts even further. For a start the open-ended game world remains persistent all the time you play so that anything you destroy or damage stays that way for the whole game. Loading is also seamless so there are no delays when entering or leaving buildings. There are no pre-set character classes in the game but instead you choose a basic archetype at the start and then choose to improve any skill you see fit from casting one of the five types of magic to picking locks.

Spells themselves can be customised and mixed together as well as the game tries to offer as much freedom as possible in everything you do. One area where it is thankfully more assertive is the inventory which tries to limit the clutter you carry around by automatically combining similar objects. The most impressive aspect of the game though is the online co-operative mode which thanks to the persistent world operates like a miniature massively multiplayer online game and is likely to ensure the games longevity for years to come. Harrison Dent.

SKU: superlisting1090 Categories: ,

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    ok. keeps me occupied.

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