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Two Worlds II (PS3)

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Game Description

Sometimes you just can't choose your company...

of all the races that could have freed you from Gandohar's dungeons why on earth does a troop of normally hostile Orcs decide to do it? That road and your journey begin here. Your voyage will take you from the incredible bustling cityscapes of Hatmandor and New Ashos through the massive and stunning Antaloor countryside all the way to the darkest forgotten corners of the world. Forge alliances and seek out those in need of assistance. But be mindful of your decission they often bear consequences with a further reach than you may realize. Charge in to battle using variable tactics and weaponry.

Information can be more valuable than the most precious of stones. Utilize intuition and sound judgment to unearth your enemy's secrets. Make use of the vast array of specializations and crafting methods to better tailor your skills and abilities. Master crafting to customize armor and weaponry brew complex potions and craft unique and powerful spells. Team up with friends to explore the five different game modes offered in multiplayer.

You can even manage your own village whilst exploring the surrounding landscape and questing with the added help of your friends. TWO WORLDS II offers the perfect RPG blend of sheer atmosphere and dazzling technology. Five years have passed since the dramatic events in Antaloor brought the whole world to the edge of the abyss... and the hero's strength is finally exhausted. He is a prisoner in the dark dungeons of Gandohar's castle and any hopes he has of saving his sister seem to have vanished along with his freedom.However just as his despair reaches its lowest ebb a faint ray of hope appears from an unexpected source.

The Orcs have put together a rescue squad and - amazingly - manage to free the hero from his chains. GAME OVERVIEW CAPTIVATING BACKGROUND STORY WITH NUMEROUS CUTSCENES TWO WORLDS II offers a first-class combination of sheer atmospherics and dazzling technology. A complex quest system paired with an exciting and interactive campaign narrative guide players through the vast landscapes of Antaloor packed with thrilling and emotional moments. Sophisticated AI and balancing standards experienced authors a flexible combat system and the intuitive integration of the immense depth of the magic system guarantee an experience suited for experienced and novice RPG players alike. Realistic NPC behaviors guide pathing and adaptive attack routines developed in response to player's actions.

A comprehensive multiplayer structure including five different modes ensures there is truly something to appeal to every player. Arena mode allows players to test their skills against one another in single or group battles and Adventure mode provides players a chance to team up and complete a series of missions all contributing to an alternate narrative campaign. Lastly Village mode introduces the ability to manage the growth of a rural town while exploring the surroundings with friends and completing various quests for the townsfolk. CHARACTERS AND GAMEWORLD IN A WORLD OF WONDER A NEW ADVENTURE HAS BEGUN The hero's quest will take him throughout the lands of Antaloor ranging from the morbid and macabre halls of Gandohar's palace to the craggy island of Alsorna with its mystifying ruined temple. He will visit the vibrant twin desert cities of Hatmandor and Cheznaddar provide two of the few remaining safe havens from Gandohar's iron fist.

Hatmandor continues to serve as a flourishing beacon of trade and culture in the region however in recent years Cheznaddar has slipped into a state of despair becoming a magnet for those who skulk through the darkness. On an isolated island off the coast reachable only by boat lies the new home of the denizens of the destroyed city of Ashos founded in the wake of their flight from the persecution of Gandohar's armies and aptly name New Ashos in an act of remembrance. Nearby stands the legendary Veneficus University home to the most powerful magicians in all of Antaloor. Galloping across the rolling slopes of the Savannah the hero will find an abundance of animal and plant life with cougars poised to pounce from the thickets and rhinoceros grazing in the midday sun. Over the horizon lies the dark murky swamps filled death mindlessly wandering rotting abominations and the forgotten village of Tir Geal thought lost many years ago.

However the world will not be the only challenging obstacle the hero will encounter during his travels. Many of Antaloor's citizens possess personalities as colorful as the world they inhabit. Street urchins beg for morsels of food as the hero passes by local gamblers try to entice the hero with promises of "fair" play and good times and sometimes the most endearing allies can arise from the unlikeliest of scenarios. An epic journey into the pages of Antaloor's past is must be undertaken in order to reveal the path to the world's future... GAMEPLAY AND TECHNOLOGY FLEXIBILITY CUSTOMIZATION AND DEPTH - REDEFINED.

Melee combat incorporates a vast array of weaponry and accompanying styles as well as an active blocking mechanic all of which must be used in conjunction to ensure survival. Magic combat spells are determined by combining a variety of spell cards together using the D.E.M.O.N.S. system effectively creating spells based on the nature of each individual ingredient - the possibilities are virtually endless. Boisterous particle effects ensure each spell is cast in breath-taking fashion. The same depth applies to the PAPAK alchemy system which allows players to combine hundreds of different ingredients from throughout the world to create elixirs of varying potencies and effects not all being purely beneficial.

The CRAFT tool allows players to break down pieces of equipment acquired during their travels and use the materials to enhance other armaments effectively increasing their lifespan and even opening up sockets for additional upgrades and customization which include the option of purchasing paints and dyes from merchants to alter the color of their equipment. The GRACE engine was designed and developed specifically for TWO WORLDS II. In combination with the extremely flexible Mo-Sens motion capture system the engine is packed full of cutting-edge technological features such as an unlimited number of dynamic light sources 24 bit HDR post-processing and Real Eye Adaptation. The power of GRACE also ensures drastically reduced load times and smooth game performance finetuned for each platform via a dedicated version of the game engine. FEATURES: Click to enlarge.

Flexible quest system often allow for multiple paths to completion and ensuing results Countless side quests provide enlightening revelations and useful rewards Unique combat system - consisting of different types of melee attacks (e. g. thrust strikes jump strikes) and an active blocking system. Also players can equip special items such as a torch (which can be used in combat) and deadly daggers. Inclusion of a free-roaming player controlled camera via the "Oculus" objects collectible throughout game provide an unparalleled level of environment exploration and even add depth to combat tactics in special cases.

Incorporating physical effects directly linked to light sources raises the benchmark for atmospheric effects. Lantern lights swinging and spinning cast moving shadows while torches cast embers into the air slowly losing their luster as they drift towards the ground all integrated in real time and providing a truly unique realism. Revolutionary magic system: DEMONS - enables players to create their own spells from predefined effects. Spells make use of the game's physics system to create special effects such as storms push waves and repulsing auras Different ways of travelling: by foot portals boat and by horse. Players can setup their own teleports in locations that they wish.

Hundreds of different weapons and armaments including CRAFT system allows equipment to be upgraded and grow alongside hero and have certain color characteristics customized Diversity of mini-games injects a fresh air of variety into standard play. Challenging dexterity with lock-picking patience with pocket-picking and strategy with dice games the experience never grows stale Extensive multiplayer mode offers a degree of versatility unlike anything in the genre with five distinct game modes. Test your merits against other players in the Arena Mode team up with up to eight friends in the Adventure Mode or build and care for your own town and countryside in the Village Mode All-new GRACE game engine designed specifically for Two Worlds II powers state-of-the-art technology and graphics PRESS QUOTES: XBG 360 Nov. 2010 - 92%»… Huge compelling and improved in the right places«iamgamer.de Nov. 2010 92%»… Congratulations to the genre's throne!«Xboxed Nov.

2010 - 90%»… Two Worlds II overtakes the title "Classic RPG king"«Gameswelt Nov. 2010 - 89%»… In the top league of role playing.«xbox-newz Nov. 2010 - 90%»… A role playing game which deeply impressed me«RPG Italia Nov. 2010 - 91%»… Two Worlds 2 is the real surprise of this fall. In short this is a must for every fan of the action RPGs genre!«GamersParadise Nov.

2010 - 90%»… And call this a beautiful rendition of a RPG and proof that sequels can be so much better than the prequel.«XboxAktuell Nov. 2010 - 88%»… Two Worlds II is for me a true surprise«Eurogamer Nov. 2010 - 90%»… Impressed me deeply«Gamers.at Dec. 2010 - 90%»… Definitely a game to fall in love with. Two Worlds II earned the crown for "Best roleplaying game".«.

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  1. ashley

    best game ever. one of the best games I have ever played.

  2. norma murphy

    One of the best games i have ever played. masterpiece, enough said.

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