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Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Nintendo Wii)

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Game Description

The follow-up to Trauma Center - Under the Knife this is the first surgical video game for the Nintendo Wii.

Sure weve all imagined what it would be like to become a doctor. Years of medical school residency and clinic duty eventually pay off in a rewarding position saving peoples lives. Or you could skip all that and just put in a few hours after dinner. The critically acclaimed medical drama simulation is making a house call on your Wii. Dr.

Derek Stiles is back but hes not the only surgeon on call? a new player joins the team bringing along everything the doctor ordered: difficulty modes new surgical implements like the defibrillator and an exciting never-before-seen conclusion. So what are you waiting for? If one dose of Trauma Center wasnt enough its time you got a Second Opinion. Inspired by the Nintendo DS game Trauma Center: Under the Knife the game features new graphics and animation surgical implements and operation types Revised control system that takes full advantage of the revolutionary Wii Remote controller Multiple difficulty modes for gamers of all skill levels Based on the hit Trauma Centre: Under The Knife for Nintendo DS Play as Dr. Derek Stiles or a brand new surgeon character with a new type of Healing Touch ability Select instruments with the Nunchuk wield them with the Wii Remote Use life-like motions to make incisions perform injections suture wounds and use the heart defibrillator Perform new surgical procedures like repairing broken bones and transplanting organs Brand new sixth chapter of the story not seen in the DS version Advanced graphics for Wii show the medical action in detail without being gory In a nutshell:Now everyone can be a brain surgeon as you pick up scalpel and forceps to battle the full horrors of an infected intestine medical terrorism and angry anime nurses!The lowdown:The original Trauma Center is already one of the most original and fun games on the Nintendo DS but although this is largely just a remake of that game it's more than welcome on the Wii. As accurate a simulation of real medicine as Phoenix Wright is of law (i.e.

not very much) you'll nevertheless have great fun repairing hapless patients with ailments that start of as simple tumours to bizarre fights against evil terrorist nanobots. What really makes the game though is the simple intuitiveness of the controls with the precise movement of your scalpel being one of the best endorsements of the Wii Remote's accuracy. The game's no push over though and you'll need to employ the mysterious bullet time style "healing touch" to make sure you don't end up the Doctor Death of Hope Hospital.Most exciting moment:Although the game is a remake of the DS it does include several new missions an extra playable character new operation types and new surgical tools - including a defibrillator which demands a shout of "clear!" every time you use it.Since you ask:A surgery game was one of the first styles of games hinted at in an introductory video for the Wii which also showed people appearing to play games involving fishing cooking and playing the drums - amongst other non-typical games concepts.The bottom line:Major surgery has never been so much fun as the Wii and DS line-up combine.-HARRISON DENT See all Product Description.

SKU: superlisting3820 Categories: ,

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