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Transformers: The Game (Nintendo Wii)

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Game Description

Trying to turn non-action based blockbusters like The Da Vinci Code or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory into games was never going to be an easy task even given the limited amount of effort afforded to most film tie-ins.

A movie involving giant transforming robots beating the tar out of each other though presents a more straightforward source of inspiration. The end result here is sort of Grand Theft Auto with giant robots with no need to steal cars because you are the car. A complex storyline is not one of the new movies primary achievements so this game tries to provide as much freedom as possible in exploring the game world and competing in a wide range of missions from world saving story related tasks to more laid back driving and flying races. You get to play as any of nine different Transformers including good guys and bad guys some of which arent even in the movie. What makes the game interesting is the way in which being a 30 foot tall robot genuinely changes the dynamics of normal third person combat.

Not only can you toss cars about like rugby balls and smack rival robos around with lamp posts but each character has their own unique mix of Sci-Fi weaponry as well. With the ability to transform into a car or jet fighter (or giant robot scorpion) at any time theres a degree of tactical flexibility in the game thats certainly far above that of most other more pedestrian film tie-ins. Harrison Dent.

SKU: superlisting514 Categories: ,

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  1. kenny bryan

    Masterpiece, enough said. the game is mind blowing.

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