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Shadow the Hedgehog (PS2) - Preowned

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Game Description

Created as the Ultimate Life Form, Shadow is a rebel tormented by a dark past, and he is struggling to unveil his true identity.

Was he created to save humankind or to do the evil bidding of the dark side His only clues are his own forgotten memories, and those secrets can only be unlocked through the powers of seven Chaos Emeralds. Now, Shadows once peaceful planet is under siege by a malevolent force. The government must take whatever means necessary to stop this deadly attack. Timing is critical and the Chaos Emeralds are at the heart of it all. In order to secure the Emeralds, Shadow must play both sides...but the path he takes will ultimately be up to you Shadow the Hedgehog is not necessarily the game youd expect Sega to make after the stunning success of games such as Sonic Heroes and Sonic Mega Collection.

Although it looks and plays fairly similarly to the former, albeit with only the one character at a time, it features anti-hero Shadow who instead of offing bad guys with a simple jump on their head is packing what looks suspiciously like a high calibre Desert Eagle pistol. The image of a Sonic the Hedgehog lookalike using such a realistic piece of hardware is an oddly disturbing one and rather sours initial moments with the game. Luckily though the rest of the game reveals itself to be a more traditionally wholesome title as Shadow runs, jumps and err... shoots his way through levels. In a nod to games such as Prince of Persia, Shadow can also manipulate time to his advantage and unleash the explosive Chaos Blast move.

He can also make use of a variety of different vehicles including motorcycles, jeeps and alien spacecraft and pick up and use handy objects like streetlamps as weapons. The choice of whethe.

SKU: superlisting18020 Category:

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