Please Tell Me More

You get a massive 5% back on all purchases you make! This means that you get 5 coins for each £1.00 you spend on this website!

How Do I Begin?

All you have to do is Register an account to start earning. And to help you along the way, we will give you a MASSIVE 500 BONUS COINS (Worth £5.00) once you register! This is credited to your account instantly.

How Can I Earn Coins?

It’s easy! Anything you purchase through will earn coins. You will earn 5 coins (worth £0.05) for every £1.00 you spend! This is a massive 5% back on ALL ORDERS PLACED. You cannot earn coins for postage costs. However, postage in the UK is FREE FOREVER.

Can I Exchange My Coins For Cash?

The simple answer is ‘No’. You cannot exchange your coins for real money.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Coins I Can Earn?

There is NO LIMIT to the number of coins you can earn.

How Do I Pay For Products Using My Coins?

Simple… Add products to your cart, go to checkout and you can select the option to pay for your order using coins!

When I Place An Order, Are The Coins Applied To My Account Instantly?

No. The coins are applied to your account after your order has been shipped.

Can I Earn Coins On Postage Costs?

No, you cannot. But UK delivery is FREE FOREVER.

Can I Use Coupons And Coins At The Same Time?

Yes you can!

Do My Coins Expire?

They will never expire.

If I Delete My Account Do I Lose All My Coins?

Yes, all your data, including all orders and personal data and coins will be erased upon account closure.

Can I Use Coins As Partial Payment For An Order?

Not at this time, but possibly in the future.

If I Pay For An Order Using Coins, Do I Still Earn Coins On That Order?

Yes, you will still earn coins on orders paid for using your coins. So, if your order would have cost you £20 and you paid using coins, you will still earn: 20 x 5coins = 100coins

Where Can I See My Coins Balance?

You need to login first. Then, if you look at the top of any page your coin balance is displayed.

What Happens To Coins Earned On Cancelled Or Returned Orders?

The coins you earned for that order will be removed.

What If I Pay For An Order Using My Coins, And Then I Cancel Or Return My Order For A Refund?

If you pay for an order using coins and return that order for a refund or cancel the order, your coins will be refunded to you.