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X-Blades (Royal Bundle) – PS3

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Game Description

Who am I? I'm Ayumi the best treasure hunter there is.

What's special about me? How about a pair of gunblades. Oh and don't forget my large arsenal of spells jumps and attack combos. "X-Blades offers" action-packed enjoyment in fantastic Hack-and-Slash style. Using various weapons spells and tactics the player must fight his way through many indoor and outdoor levels killing hordes of monsters on the way.The story exciting and rich in variety with numerous cutscenes not only motivates the player it also cleverly interlinks the individual levels. Besides the 'normal' monsters there are also "Monster Generators" which ceaselessly create new creatures (and of course powerful Boss opponents) for the game world.

Hidden Power-ups and coins ensure that the player is rewarded for exploring a level. Some locations can only be reached by bold and daring leap/jump combinations. The player will only achieve success in the game if he makes use of the extensive system for the further development of the heroine Ayumi - Experience Points earned for example must be converted to Skills. There are various Power-ups available to help the player as well like combat techniques magic weapon enhancement and teleportation and the right mix will lead to success. + An absorbing fantasy story with 40 spectacular landscapes and more than 25 spells + Learn to play easily with 4 difficulty modes AND alternative endings that depend on your actions.

+ Innovative Gunblades for long-range and close combat plus new weapons and new outfits + RPG elements in the upgrading of skills and weapons demonic special mode for the heroine + Hidden Power-ups and a Stats screen will hook you into exploring all the levels + Over 30 classes of opponents plus powerful Boss opponents and an ingenious level design.

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2 reviews for X-Blades (Royal Bundle) – PS3

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    pat morrison

    Great game. thank you.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This game is incredible. never played anything so absorbing.

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