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Wanted: Weapons Of Fate (Xbox 360)

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Game Description

Based on Universal Pictures' action-thriller "Wanted" starring James McAvoy Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie the Wanted videogame Wanted: Weapons of Fate promises to deliver the same fantastic visual style in-your-face attitude and edge-of-your-seat action as the blockbuster motion picture.

In Wanted: Weapons of Fate players continue the story of hero Wesley Gibson picking up the action where the film left off to create an entirely new chapter exploring both Wesley's journey to becoming an unmatched and the epic fiction of "The Fraternity." Featuring intense third-person action Wanted: Weapons of Fate will take combat to the next level with iconic moves such as "Curving Bullets" and "Assassin Time" drawn directly from the film as well as an innovative multi-layered cover mechanic. Curving Bullets Assassin Time Chained Cover Bullet Explosion Melee Combat Stylised Finishing Moves Hyper-Real Stunts Play Wesley or Cross Sound Effects & Music from the Film In Wanted: Weapons of Fate Warner Bros. brings the box office movie to the Xbox 360 platform. Like the movie the game revolves around a centuries-old secret fraternity of assassins that brutally executes people as dictated by the mysterious Loom of Fate. Your destiny is to become their ultimate weapon.

Curve bullets and kill your targets just like in the hit movie. View larger. You play as Wesley Gibson -- a super assassin and the heir to The Fraternity's legacy of power. View larger. Close hand-to-hand combat provides exciting game play.

View larger. Take out your targets by hitting an explosive object and creating a deadly blast. View larger. From Big Screen to Video Game Kicking into action where the hit film left off Wanted: Weapons of Fate lets you take on the role of Wesley Gibson -- a super assassin and the heir to The Fraternity's legacy of power. Your position has made you a target for a renegade faction of The Fraternity that is dead-set on hunting you down and killing you.

In order to survive you must master an arsenal of deadly skills to protect the secrets of The Fraternity and turn the table on those who want you dead. Bend bullets and Become a Super Assassin This game employs plenty of mechanics that fans of the movie are sure to love. The most obvious example is curved bullets. During game play you can curve a bullet around objects or corners to hit your target. You can determine the curved trajectory of your bullet so it can bend around columns and take out multiple enemies in a single shot or use this skill to hit an explosive object and take out your enemy with a blast.

Other cool game play features include a "quick-chain" cover to shield yourself and move through the environment with remarkable speed. The pace of the game and your assassin skills encourage close hand-to-hand combat for even greater excitement. And as you hone your skills you can even take down multiple enemies with sheer precision while using Assassin Time. Meet The Heir Wesley Gibson -- The Heir -- was once an insignificant nobody but now he's the successor to his father's legacy as The Killer. After being betrayed by The Fraternity that trained him Wesley took his destiny into his own hands and exacted his revenge on them all.

Now he is surrounded by the destruction he caused with nothing but questions about his heritage The Fraternity and the Will of Fate. The answers he seeks are out there but so is a bullet with his name on it. The Assassin's Directory The Russian is The Fraternity's cleaner. Known as Death's Janitor he is vulgar and perverted. He finds pleasure in things that others would find appalling.

As the leader of the French Fraternity The Immortal is not a villain -- he's a fanatic. he will stop at nothing to follow The Code of Weavers with an unwavering unquestioning commitment. The Immortal is a supremely skilled assassin almost equal to that of The Killer (Gibson's father). Remorseless it is not his fault that deaths occur by his hands it is the fault of his victims for being "only mortal" and incapable of escaping Fate's Will. Cross also known as The Killer is the greatest assassin that has ever lived.

A member of the Chicago Fraternity he is a true believer in The Fraternity's tenet of "Kill one save a thousand." Although his name was never wove by the Loom of Fate Cross discovered a secret in the Chicago Fraternity that made him the target of those who were once his allies. Cool concept art shows the making of an assassin. View larger. An combat scene is depicted in this concept art example. View larger.

Product Description Wanted: Weapons of Fate X360.

SKU: superlisting5114 Categories: ,

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  1. Tommy Stone

    One of the best games I have ever played. Never played anything so absorbing.

  2. byron taylor

    Thanks all good. good.

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