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TV Show King (Nintendo Wii)

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Game Description

TV Show King Party is a party game providing a TV Show atmosphere and great fun for the whole family.

Perfectly designed for family and groups of friends of all ages TV Show King Party allows you to challenge up to 3 others players to test your general knowledge and to answer more than 6000 questions divided in 8 categories by sharing humour and fun with your friends. TV Show King Party takes full advantage of the Wii Remote controller to make you react as quickly as possible and to immerse you in a special TV atmosphere. Questions are based on global common knowledge and divided in 8 categories: History and Geography Science and Nature Scholar General knowledge Entertainment Music Cinema and Sport. Compete with up to 4 friends and family members in a real TV atmosphere. As up to four players play at the same time you can bluff conceive strategies and partnerships for more suspense like in a real TV show.

Designed specially for the Wii it is perfectly suited for team-playing for up to 4 players at a time with intuitive motions easy-to-learn gameplay and varied and fun Wii Remote controls. Using your own Miis allow to really feel part of the show. Having your own Mii mimic reactions of joy or despair while turning the wheel winning a game or climbing the podium is a source of great fun for players of all ages..

SKU: superlisting1117 Categories: ,

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3 reviews for TV Show King (Nintendo Wii)

  1. greg frank

    best game ever. the game is mind blowing.

  2. virginia ramos

    The game is mind blowing. masterpiece, enough said.

  3. rachel perez

    Thank you. buy it now.

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