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Tron: Evolution (Xbox 360)

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Game Description

TRON: Evolution is one of the keys to unlocking the TRON mythology.

The game's story takes place before the film begins. The game's release prior to the film means fans get time to experience the new TRON world on a next-gen game platform. The TRON film features dialogue and story that will connect to its story's past which players will experience in the video game In the game you play as a program named “Anon” (Anonymous) and as you venture through the TRON world discovering the reason behind the Abraxas viral outbreak you'll see locations vehicle and weapons unique to the Evolution video game as you make new allies and new enemies. TRON (VG) stars Olivia Wilde as Quorra and Bruce Boxleitner as Tron reprising their roles from the upcoming Tron: Legacy. The collaboration between the film development story and the film production is significant.

Propaganda maintained a close collaboration with the film producers to understand details on the aesthetics of the TRON world and story of the franchise – frequent meetings took place in Vancouver during principal shooting and the relationship continues to be tight during game production and film post-production. Director Joseph Kosinski plays a key role in collaborating on the creation of the game. He's consulted on the look and gameplay. He was also a major influence in the creation of the worldwide premiere trailer. The action gameplay will have players moving throughout a huge world battling enemies both on foot and on light cycle The game features “high mobility combat” enabling the player to run and jump around the world both to fight enemies with disc based and melee combat.

The player uses a parkour style movement to explore and climb the new digital world of Tron. The game features elements synonymous to the TRON world The iconic light cycles are advanced versions that take on a major component in the game to enable racing and grid combat The player will experience the digital TRON world and interact with different inhabitants of the cyber universe. The story takes place across a digital world with unique locations that expand for miles. TRON: Evolution features persistent player progression – connecting a player's offline experience with their online experience The player's results during their offline game affect their online game and vice versa Meaning that if the player comes to a disc station at level 5 during their single player story mode game they can go online and level up their character to say level 7 and possibly earn a new disc type. That new level and disc variation are then bought back into the single player game exactly where the player left off.TRON: Evolution Multiplayer Fact Sheet The TRON: Evolution multiplayer modes feature 10-player online competitive multiplayer with programs battling on game grids based within the franchise.

Like the single player experience players move through environments using free roaming climbing and vehicles while battling with high mobility combat and discs The game will include four multiplayer maps each allowing four multiplayer modes. On the release date two more free maps are scheduled to be available as downloadable content by using a code found in the game case. More maps and game content are scheduled to be available as downloadable content after release. Online multiplayer games can include both players and AI bots in the two maps featuring close-quarters combat. Players can choose teams that include players and AI bots or join together on one team to battle a team of AI bots in a co-op set-up.

With persistent character progression players can level up their character either in single-player mode or online multiplayer mode. Their character's status will carry over to both modes. For example a player can level up his or her character in single player mode and then take that character with advanced weapons and protection into the online multiplayer combat. In single-player mode players can choose quickly to be transported into multiplayer arenas. Their single-player game is automatically saved.

Vehicles Light Cycles Players will have the choice of selecting among three light cycles as they progress through the game. The three light cycles have different handling and features. In two of the maps all players can transform into light cycles at any time to move freely around the environments. The light cycles are fast nimble vehicles that leave light trails that can derezz opponents. Players can also throw their disc at enemies while moving on certain light cycles Light cycles can turn both on arcs or on right angles Tanks The two vehicle maps also have tanks available.

Tanks are available to the first player to access them. The tanks provide the advantage of being strong and powerful but are also slow. With the proper skill and strategy players on foot and on light cycles can destroy tanks. Map Overview There will be four online multiplayer maps each suited for different styles of combat and strategy. Half are larger maps that enable players to transform into light cycles or access one of the limited tanks on the map.

The names of the maps and descriptions are: Defrag – This map takes place on the outskirts of the cities. This is a large map featuring vehicles Circuit Board – This is another large map with platforms and vehicles Hard Disk – This is a medium-sized map with movement on foot only and vertical architecture enabling free roaming movement and climbing Heat Sink – This is another medium-sized map with movement on foot only and a vertical structure Modes Four game modes are available for each map. The modes provide a variety of gameplay challenges for players of all skill levels. Disintegration – Players compete individually to derezz their opponents most. The player with the highest derezz total having wiped out the most players wins.

Team Disintegration – Teams compete to derezz the other team's players. Bit Runner – A central bit is available to be acquired. Teams compete to pick up the bit and stay on the grid while the other team attempts to derezz the bit runner and acquire the bit. The team with the most points holding the bit wins. Power Monger – Teams compete to secure capture points.

Energy nodes have to be linked in order to gain points. Pick-Ups Each map features various pick-ups that enable players to acquire advantageous powers Overcharge (appearing like a DNA strand) – This pick-up enables players to refill their health and energy. User Mode (appearing as the TRON symbol) – This enables the player to be impervious to attacks for a limited time. Equalizer – This pick-up enables players to have a one-hit derezz of their opponents for a limited time..

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