Tank Battles (Nintendo DS)

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Game Description

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Genuine UK PAL Release. Manufacturer's Description The fate of the free world is in your hands. A rogue state has declared war on a peaceful nation and their army cannot resist the hordes of invading troops. It is decided that you will be sent it to liberate the nation and restore peace to the region.The challenge is immense - the enemy forces are numerous whereas you have a mere troop of tanks at your disposal. However, you are no ordinary commander.

Using the functionality of the Nintendo DS you can co-ordinate your group of tank to maximise the chance of success. Will you go for a full frontal attack? Lead from the front with firepower support on the flanks? Will you try and lure the enemy into a trap? It’s your call!You also have your pick from 30 of the finest tanks in the world � and some fantastic futuristic upgrades that can be purchased and added to your tanks as you progress.Tank Battles is a fresh and innovative game exclusive to the Nintendo DS. It challenges the gamers brain and their brawn and rewards them with a hugely enjoyable gaming experience..

SKU: superlisting23009 Categories: ,

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