Harvest Moon: The Tale Of Two Towns (Nintendo DS)

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Game Description

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Genuine UK PAL Release. The game features classic Life Sim gameplay involving farming, the raising and care of animals and eventual marriage. Additional features include an all-new storyline involving the player in an ongoing rivalry between two towns, the ability to play as either a boy or a girl, an in-game quest bulletin board system, wireless functionality allowing you to visit friends in-game fields, new in-game activities and more. Classic Harvest Moon Life Simulation RPG gameplay for Nintendo DS revolving around farming, animal husbandry and starting a family Visit your friends' fields using local wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection New activities like: horse and cart functionality to haul items, festival competitions and mining and fishing for in-game profit Choose from two different villages, each with their own shops, villagers, and festivals. Choose to play as a boy or as a girl.

Manufacturer's Description Long ago the towns of Bluebell and Konohana were friendly neighbours, joined together by a tunnel underneath the mountain that separates the towns. Eventually the towns started to disagree with each other on whose town had the best cooking cuisine. As the villagers became more obnoxious with each other, the Harvest Goddess became more annoyed with them. One day she finally put her foot down and collapsed the tunnel between the towns, cutting them off from each other. Now the only interaction the towns have with each other is at their cooking festival, where their cooking conflict continues four times per season.As a new farmer, you are eager to start your new life at one of the towns but a freak travel accident makes you to forget what town you originally were going to live in.

Listen to each mayor‘s story, hear about each town, and then decide where you want to start yo.

SKU: superlisting22178 Categories: ,

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