All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2 [Japan Import]

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Game Description

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Genuine UK PAL Release. Characters are more than 100 bodies of rider game record number . Strengthen the number of characters in excess of previous work were strong , system , an effect . Appearance latest series is powered up . ᅠ 100 characters rider game record number comes up .

Tsukuse to play in all riders . Rider is available 50 or more bodies . Enemy also appeared more than 50 bodies , 100 characters maximum rider game ever comes up. Rider War largest-ever soul more than 100 collide to this summer broke out . ᅠ System also directed significant evolution .

Communication cooperative play even beyond the correspondence. Generation , Fight in parent and child . By improving the system , battle full of sense of speed overall deployment . Production surface also power-up . To implement the super special move production to all riders 50 or more bodies available .

Also for riders that appear to continue from previous work , add a new cut new technique , ultra- special moves , Battle full of personality more unfolds . In addition, the advanced communication cooperative play with the cooperation of friends and each other . Allows parent and child !

SKU: superlisting22176 Categories: ,

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